Element Fire Doors


Fire Doors: What are they, who needs them and why

Fire doors are doors that are specially reinforced with fire resistant materials to contain a fire as well as the toxic smoke and gases that spread as a result of the fire. These doors are essential in most structures, but particularly those that house or accommodate large numbers of people, such as apartment blocks and shopping centres, as they provide a safe passageway away from danger. You can find more information on fire doors Please Click Here

Why Element?

Element are the best in fire door installation across all of the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas in terms of quality, precision, customer service and value for money. When you deal with Element, you know you’ll be getting a premium service that covers everything from quality service to professional advice and adherent to all the Australian Standards – without the excessive price tag attached.

Being a small business, Element are able to go above and beyond for every customer to provide a service that is unparalleled in the fire door industry. Your communication with Element is personal and reliable, the work is comprehensive and never rushed and your finished product is of the highest possible quality.

All fire doors must be in compliance with Australian Standards AS1905.1 and AS1851.7 which to the everyman doesn’t mean much, which is why you can trust the professionals at Element Fire Doors to carry out every job to meet these standards. Element can also provide removal of asbestos fire doors by a licensed contractor, as well as provide necessary ongoing maintenance.

You will always be safe with Element Fire Doors!