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He has been recruiting Sales Reps, Sales Managers and Executive Level Sales.

With more than 10 years of professional roofing experience at Roof, Alan is one of our most called-for specialists. He is the Head of our Roofing Department that specializes in constructing new roofs for various types of buildings. He is also responsible for training of our new roofing foremen that come to our company annually. As a member of our cofounders’ team, he also develops improvements for the Program of Roofing Foremen Development that was introduced 2 years ago by our company. Alan Smith has a qualification of both manager and a real specialist in roofing, that’s why our clients appreciate his work so much.

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Hinge Upgrade

He has been involved in building over 90 roofing projects with us since he started here.

He is a real specialist in maintaining roofs of all kinds. So, when it comes to maintaining or rebuilding a roof of your house or an office building that you own, he and his team are definitely the ones you wish to deal with your roof. John also has a great experience in building a roof for skyscrapers as he was a member of an award-winning RB Crew that specialized on maintaining and building roofs for business centers and VIP clients. Today he continues to improve his skills in roofing as well as maintaining his own projects. We are really proud that such an invaluable specialist decided to join our company.

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Half Open Door

He specializes primarily in residential works, and has been with us since October 2014.

Tom has been gathering his experience and polishing his skills for years in various renovation and remodeling agencies for years. Working across the US in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Milwaukee, Nashville and other towns and cities, he was recognized as a highly qualified specialists long before he entered our company. His residential works are truly outstanding and have been numerously awarded by the US Construction Committee. Tom puts all his skills and efforts to achieve a result that would satisfy his clients and amaze their guests, and he is really good at it.

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Mosaic Door

He has over 14 years experience working for our company roofing division.

As a son of professional designer, Richard has been into designing and building houses since his childhood. He lived with his father in a small cottage before moving to the capital of his home state, where he acquired the profession of roofing foreman when he was 18. Shortly afterwards, he began practicing as a roofing foremen trainee while also working with his dad in his renovation agency. After 10 years of constant practice and self-development, Richard Cox joined our team of roofing foremen where he made great progress as a highly skilled specialist.

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